Mamaia / Romania 06 June 2018
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2018 AW Awards

Live-Cam Girl of the Year
Live-Cam Boy of the Year
Best Live-Cam Entertainer
Freemium Queen
Premium Queen
Best Newcomer (model)
Live-Cam Fetish Model of the Year
Latin American Live-Cam Model
North American Live-Cam Model
Russian Live-Cam Model
European Live-Cam Model
Internet Celebrity
Web Star Model
Live-Cam Studio of the Year
Latin American Live Cam Studio
European Live-Cam Studio
CSI Live-Cam Studio
Best Russian Live-Cam Studio
Emerging Live-Cam Studio
Shining Live-Cam Studio of the Year
Male/Gay Live-Cam Studio
Best Studio Training Program
Most Professional Live-Cam Studio
Live-Cam Site of the Year
Freemium Live-Cam Platform
Premium Live-Cam Platform
PPM Live-Cam Platform
Emerging Live-Cam Site
Male/Gay Live-Cam Platform
European Live-Cam Platform
North American Live Cam Platform
EXEC : Most Innovative Live-Cam Site
EXEC : Best White Label Provider
EXEC : Live-Cam Affiliate Program of the Year
Best Adult Ad Network / Traffic Company
Best CPA Platform of the Year
Best Monetization Platform
Billing Company of the Year
Payment Company of the Year
Hosting Company of the Year
Best CMS Platform
EXEC : Best Online Media or Publication
EXEC : Best Pleasure Product
EXEC : Best Business Services
Overall Company of the Year
EXEC : Business Man of the Year
EXEC : Business Woman of the Year
EXEC : Industry Representative
EXEC : Start-up Executive
EXEC : Best Creative or PR Services
EXEC : Affiliate Program Representative
EXEC : Founder / Entrepreneur of the Year
EXEC : Marketing Executive
EXEC : Chathost or Studio Representative